Russian Honey cake at last

I look for people’s to eat the food that I can make. It was perfect opportunity to cook up a storm when Sultan told me he is going to have high tea in his office.

it is been a while that I was thinking of making the Russian honey cake. Some of his friend had never tried the cakes. It was just perfect to make one for them.

I watched couple of recipes on YouTube but in the end the recipe that I used is the following

Also one good points that I saw on one of the other videos was that make small hole to the fork on the layers and put honey and water like brushing in water on it .

Then other feed back is to use a lot more cream between layers .

The cake turned out amazing .. I had to push them to eat it as I wanted to steal a piece for Noon (my nephew ) . He loves this cake.

When I gave him a slice he said “next time can u bake a whole cake so everyone can get some “

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Menu for High Tea

I wanted to curate an impressive High tea for Sultans Friends . So here is what I went ahead with Russian honey cake Boneless spicy chicken wings with sour cream Cottage cheese nuggets coated in Walnut Cream cheese cigars Cucumber sandwich Boiled egg and peanut sandwich I made the Russian cake one night before I also ended up making fresh cream cheese at home I … Continue reading Menu for High Tea